(The Roanoke Valley from above) Computer Networking Solutions


Phone: (540) 397-3181

Email: david[at]cnsroanoke.com

Computer Networking Solutions

2235 Berkley Ave SW
Roanoke, VA 24015


I help small businesses and individuals in the Roanoke Valley select, acquire, install, and maintain computer and networking equipment.


A majority of my work is done on-site at the client’s residence or place of business. Research related to proposals or solutions to client’s problems is usually done off-site, unless the need is pressing and resources are available on-hand. Computer work that is best done "in the shop" is also performed off-site, such as full upgrades or new builds.


  • On-demand: billed incrementally after the first hour (minimum 1 hour)
  • Block pricing:  pre-paid labor (minimum of 10 hours) at a reduced hourly rate
  • Monthly maintenance: Flat-fee monthly billing with a specified numbers of included hours (exceptional overages negotiable)
  • Project or flat-rate service currently not available


I bring value to my clients by freeing them of their computer-related concerns, to save them time and effort. For some clients, this means showing them what they need to do or buy; others just say "give me something that works" or "make it work again," and I handle the rest. My level of involvement and assistance is determined by the client's needs and interests.


  • Break/fix solutions to computer and networking problems
  • Evaluation, selection, purchase, installation, implementation
  • Computer upgrades (or evaluation for replacement, when warranted)
  • Software installation & troubleshooting
  • Spyware/virus removal & prevention
  • Internet domain name registration, renewal, troubleshooting
  • Spam filtering
  • Anti-virus selection, installation & configuration (individual & networked PCs)
  • Internet service, Email setup & configuration
  • Cable/DSL sign-up, installation, integration, home/office networking
  • Backup hardware/software selection, installation, monitoring
  • Data transition from old computers to new
  • Setting up new computers on existing networks, new employees, new networks
  • Assistance with warranty repair / replacements, tech support (customer advocacy)


  • Website design
  • Website & Email hosting
  • Linux & Open Source software (installation & customization)
  • Batch/script programming
  • Printer service & repair